Mobikwik android app home page, questions around usability

Design & Usability Analysis based on best practices of mobile app designs.

To be more simple and enhance the usability provide a system which they know or are familiar with. In this super fast world, Nobody has time to go through the long learning curve or read even 2 line of content.

The golden rule of usability is “DON’T MAKE ME THINK”

Here are few questions on usability of the page

  1. mobikwik android home pageWhat is the first desired action on the page?
  2. Banners taking most of the space is it good?
  3. Is that font size is readable enough?
  4. Is this really a good idea to have navigation at the end of the page and that too without swipe to shift tab?
  5. Is call to action button highlighted properly?
  6. What a user will do first with 0 money in an account?
  7. All icons used on the page are intuitive enough?
  8. Is that navigation pattern solving user’s problem or saving time?
  9. A user not good in English will ever be able to use this interface?
  10. Is that interface easy to use or remember?


Usability and User Acceptance Test Recorder for android mobile – Probe UAT Recorder

unnamedAn app which is really helpful to record usability and user acceptance test of your application in very limited time, without distracting a user.

1. Record activities of mobile screen.
2. Record expressions of a user.
3. View both recordings on same time.
4. Unlimited time and recordings.

unnamedby recording both the screens same time you can get an idea about a user and his/her behaviour. what he/she did after opening your app, how much time spent, how were the reactions while using particular feature or on a point.

After getting such information and data you can validate and improve your app in no time and can go with a perfect user friendly app and avoid any negative setbacks or surprises around usability.

So Use This app improve the usability by testing your app and user both.

*App is compatible with Android Lollipop 5+